Corona Virus – Emergency Measures

Corona Virus – Emergency Measures

14th March 2020 – Covid-19

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced a series of emergency measure which will last for 15 days:

All travel across Spain is to be limited from midnight on Saturday 14th March. Citizens are required to stay at home unless they have to make essential journeys. Fines of €500 to €2000 will be imposed on people out and about without a good reason.

All retail establishments, with the exception of those selling food, pharmacies, tobacconists, news stands, IT equipment suppliers and other essential supplies.

All bars and restaurants will be closed, and people are asked to maintain at least a one metre space where they do encounter others.

There is no further information about the airports in Spain at present, but the assumption is that they will be closed to incoming flights other than those arriving empty to repatriate tourists.

Villa Jasmin will be contacting guests that might be affected with upcoming holiday plans as soon as we know further information regarding flights.